Welcome back to WITHERED HANDS PODCAST!!!! How are you guys? Hope you had a great 2014 and you’re ready for an even better 2015!!! We started this year with 3 shows in less than 1 week time and as you can imagine we’ve got loads to come for you! Hope you’re enjoyining Tom’s interviews and you’ve already listened to the first episode of this year’s THE HAND OF GLORY!!! Of course I couldn’t wait any longer leaving Tom to post all of the new shows!!! and while we’re waiting to give you the second part of THE HAND OF GLORY hosted by me on February the 10th with an all-UK-trio opening the show, there we are with the very first ON STAGE show for this year!
This time for you a real great band from UK!!! They’re SLABDRAGGER and if you don’t know them yet, well…. I think you really should! They’re one of the top notch south of England sludge/stoner bands!
Active since 2008, they castigated the crowds with a first full length out in 2011 titled REGRESS and an amazing split the year after with MEADOWS! They’ve been playing supporting some of the greatest bands touring UK (I saw them the first time opening for SAINT VITUS!) and they’ve been playing some amazing festivals in the past reaching a good number of old and new fans! Almost 3 years after their last release, they’re ready to destroy you all with their stonerish sludgy beat! I’m sure you’re goin to love them!
BTW, they’re goin to play with WEEDEATER and BONGZILLA at this year’s TEMPLE FESTIVAL around the end of May!!!
Other shows have been booked for them this year and their new full lenght should be out quite soon!!!
Pointless saying their show and the whole event which has taken place at THE MACBETH Pub in Hoxton (London) has been killer! Amazing vibe, great crowd, loadsa people involved in bands, promotion etc and a real good performance for all of the bands! One of the first shows I’ve been attending in this 2015 which was the perfect example of how the scene is growing here and how people don’t really mind goin out on a cold Tuesday night to enjoy some good music!!!
Back onto SLABDRAGGER, we had a little chat about their past releases, their new album, their live activities and few more bits… and, of course, we couldn’t avoid recording their crushing live performance!!! I must add that if you really want to listen to some of their new tracks live, you shouldn’t really miss this out!!!
I’ve posted below the links for the band’s first and second release on bandcamp! Staying to what they told me, there should be some copies of the second EP (the split album) still available!!!
Doom on folks and keep your eyes pealed!!!
Stay withered,

2011 – “Regress” @ HOLY ROAR RECORDS http://www.holyroarrecords.com/products/523763-slabdragger-regress
SLABDRAGGER Bandcamp with their second release + more linksĀ  – http://slabdragger.bandcamp.com/