After a few brand new shows from Tom I couldn’t hold myself back and I was really looking forward to my new ones to get ready! I’ve been finally able to interview TORPOR!
If you didn’t listen yet to their live recording from the time they played with Conan [listen to that show here], this is about time for ya all to get hammered by their music.
We had the pleasure to have a chat with them in occasion of their latest album launch party in London for an event which saw them sharing the stage with Sonance and Caina and Jotnnar. Able to devastate the listener through their slow paced metal assault, an interesting dual vocals approach and an almost psychedelic heaviness, they offered us an amazing show moving through the new album’ tracks. Blowing amps and torturing ears they delivered a great new album this year and we are goin to play for you two songs off it!
The interview with them put some light onto the future live shows of the band and gave us some info regarding the new piece of art just pressed on vinyl and soon to be pressed in a unique version on CD!
Support Torpor and get a copy of their new record!
I’m sure enough you’re goin to love it!

You can find them through the following links:

Stay withered folks!



A new episode for WITHERED HANDS PODCAST ON STAGE and today for you TORPOR and CONAN!
I must say I got really excited about this show and it has been great to have a chat with Jon from Conan and meet some great people at the show! But let’s start talking first about TORPOR!

This band is one of those names I’ve been following lately and I’m really looking forward to the release of their first full lenght album early next year! I’ve watched them playing live for the first time months back and as I said at that time I would have really loved to interview them and record their live show! Unfortunately we couldn’t make the interview as their new album is goin to be pressed soon and they didn’t want to talk now about it! They prefere to keep everything a little secret so I’m goin to wait for a few extra months before having a chat with ’em and getting you a nice audio interview! For almost the same reason I couldn’t stream all of their set so we limited the whole thing to the first opening track they played! As usual guys, if you like what you’re goin to listen to just show them some love and support them! They’re goin to play around the end of February supporting Sonance!
You can find them on BC here [http://torpornoise.bandcamp.com/] and on Fb here [https://www.facebook.com/torporsound].

About CONAN! It’s been great! I got there quite early that evening because I didn’t wanna be late… Had a drink at the pub next door and got to the venue around 1 hour before doors opened. The backstage was great and outside 11 Paranoias was soundchecking (another great band I would love to get on a show soon or later)! Jon is a real nice person and of course I was expecting to meet a great guy also after the good words spent by the lads from Slomatics when I’ve interviewed them at their London’s show!
We’ve been talking a bit about the future projects of the band, of Black Bow Records and of course the infamous Skyhammer Studios but also about the recent touring activities and much more!
Their show has been amazing and crashing! I felt almost sorry because I couldn’t stand front stage in order to get the recording clean enough! Their massive distortion is not a weak recorder’s best friend so I could listen to their whole show but I couldn’t see them and as a fun, this sucks! Well, I couldn’t spoil the whole thing so I had to find a compromise!
Their set lasted almost 1 hour and special guest on stage has been Craig Bryant! The guys from Bast are linked to Conan and Black Bow Records so it was nice to meet them there and have a chat with them too!
What else can I say? I think you probably know already about their BC or Fb pages but if you need them, here’s the BC page [http://conan-conan.bandcamp.com/] and here the Fb one [https://www.facebook.com/conandoom?fref=ts].

As usual guys we really hope you’re goin to like these shows!
Keep supporting the Withered Hand and keep your eyes on our Fb page for further announcements and news!
We’ve got loads goin on as usual and although we thought to take a break in December, I think we might give you some surprises!
Doom on!
Rob & WHP