Never gone, never forgotten. Tyranny rise from the ashes laid upon them by those who thought they had long since disappeared. This my freinds is not the case. Tyranny duet may not have not released a new a album in over 10 years but with any luck 2015 will see the band release follow up to 2005’s “Tides Of Awakening”. Also on the horizon are re-releases of both the album mentioned before hand and the EP “Bleak Vistae” on Vinyl with all new artwork being painted by co-founder Lauri Lindqvist.

On the show today, I sat down and through the power of the almighty skype machine I was able to shoot the shit with other Co-Founder Matti Mákelá. You’ll hear it all, the storys about the absence, whats been happening during the absence and trust me theres alot and whats to come after this absence. We will also learn of Matti’s other bands he is involved in..Corpsessed and Profetus. We also speak very highly of Firebox records…so sit back and enjoy this interview with Funeral Doom greats, Tyranny!!

Songs featured on todays show come by way of ….

“Drown” – Bleak Vistae Ep & “Upon The War-Torn Shape Of Cold Earth” – Tides Of Awakening

Stay Withered Podcast listeners!!