Hello guys and welcome to our second show with THE HAND OF GLORY, our showcase dedicated to some of the most amazing extreme metal acts out there! We’re working hard on this format and we’re goin to have more shows coming out during the next few months!

On this one we’re goin to introduce the following bands:

UR (Germany) with their amazing mix of funeral doom, sludge and post metal!!! Get a copy of their album through their bandcamp page at [http://ur-doom.bandcamp.com] They’ve got some nice merch as well and their first EP has been printed in a limited edition so don’t miss out! You can also follow them on Fb at [www.facebook.com/ur.doom.band]

NECROPOLI (Italy)! Featuring David Unsaved from ENNUI, these guys released a great first LP which you can stream on bandcamp at [http://necropli.bandcamp.com[ Their mix of industrial, death and doom is absolutely killer! They’re already working on some new material so keep your eyes pealed! Check for them on Fb and keep yourself updated through [www.facebook.com/pages/Necropoli/220712334621508]

VOLITION (UK), band I’ve been following since their first album on TOTAL RUST RECORDS! Sick band to watch live (watched them in Leeds years ago) are goin to release soon their new album! Get some amazing sludge! Follow them on bandcamp at [http://volition.bandcamp.com] and on Fb at [www.facebook.com/volition666]. Keep an eye also on TOTAL RUST RECORDS for some other great releases at [www.totalrust-music.com], [www.facebook.com/totalrustmusic]

THE HAUNTING GREEN (Italy)! Sludge post metal band with members of A COLD DEAD BODY (Italy), they recently released a very interesting first EP and a little afterwards a brilliant split album with the electronic ambient and avantgarde artist CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI! Check them out through [http://thehauntinggreen.bandcamp.com] and [https://www.facebook.com/thehauntingreen?fref=ts]

PROFETUS (Finland) with their new wave of Finnish Funeral Doom, they recently released a new EP under WEIRD TRUTH PRODUCTIONS (Japan) [www.weirdtruth.jp] and SVART RECORDS (Finland) [http://svartrecords.com/]! Before they play live at the next year Roadburn give a listen to their music! Awesome!!! Follow them and get some merch on bandcamp at [http://profetus.bandcamp.com] and [www.facebook.com/SaturnineDoom]

Hope you like this show and are goin to enjoy some amazing bands!
Doom on,