The Hyle is a band I’ve recently discovered through the huge ammount of great music everyone can find on bandcamp.
They’ve catched my attention because of their style and way of playing doom and because, as a singer, I got really hypnotized by the vocals on their first self-titled demo.
They formed a few years ago but just now they’ve released their first demo which was first “recorded” even before the band formed. Yes, at first The Hyle was a one man band but after a while, the main guy behind the band decided loneliness wasn’t his thing so he started looking around for other musicians and once he’s found all the people he needed, they re-record the first demo.
Every musician involved brought his own feeling to the tracks and the result is sensational.
I got in love with this little gem and I’m thruly looking forward for more music and this little jewel pressed real soon!
I hope the interview can set some light on a real promising project and we really hope you’re goin to enjoy The Hyle’s first demo as much as we do considering we’re goin to play the whole thing for you!

You can find these guys on bandcamp at http://thehyle.bandcamp.com

and also on Fb at https://www.facebook.com/thehyleband?fref=ts
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