(Exclusive) New Single – {Sidetrack Walker}{Deprivation}

On may 28th of 2021 (Sidetrack Walker – SW) will release the follow up of sorts to last years “The Art Of Starvation” by way of a single titled “Deprivation“. This will not serve as a full length and more so of an interlude to keep the taste buds tingling and ear buds humming.

However why wait? today is a beautiful day so why don’t Sidetrack Walker and I provide you with a much needed music fix. In the player above you can take full advantage and listen to both the single and the remix Exclusively on this page! What you won’t hear is the hidden track that comes with each purchase and in my opinion this song rounds off this collection quite nicely so its a welcome addition and it wont break your bank.

SW has steadily been releasing information and updates regarding “Deprivation” every Friday via Instagram, Facebook, Bandcamp and the Official Site respectively, As of now pre-orders are available via Bandcamp where you can pick up the digital release for €2.

As shown above there are the two versions of “Deprivation”…one being the single itself and the other being a remix by Andre Jonas (You can head over to Jonas’s Twitter for more info about him and the work he does). Now the two songs could not be more different. The original piece has a subtlety to it that gently builds and weaves its story both in and around you with its calming, almost funk like grooves that lend as a back drop to the path being built by the narrative. With SW I have always leaned myself towards the more laid back raw offerings as I’ve felt that this is where the music really shines. Where Dominik’s unique way of vocalising his stories really lend well to the calming ombience that he can capture with just a few instruments and be able to truly bring something substantial to life.

With the latest bulletin Dominik has been very open with his explanation as to what “Deprivation” derives from. Its origins and its outcomes are all laid bare and put right in front of you. Yet they do not demand your attention, they almost hold your hand and guild you through so as to make sure your safe at the end but have taken in as much as you can of what needs to be said. However are welcoming if you want to take the stroll again because with each listen a new discovery can be made.

The remix track to me tells a completely different story and does demand your attention. Its for me a new song entirely that has its own direction and its own narrative without the need for words. Its completely unexpected and It feels as if you’re being transported both back to the 80’s into some sort of action film sequence or into a rehearsal for the song “Freestyler”. There’s a dark and dreary atmosphere in this piece that also somehow manages to have moments that can shine through and almost blind you. It really needs to be heard to be believed and it may just take you off guard.

Now what is not listed is a third track that you can only access by buying the digital release. A sort of added bonus if you will. I won’t give anything away but I can safely say that I will be worth the purchase.

If you would like to know more, or would like to purchase anything from Sidetrack Walker please visit the links below. Share your love, go have a chat, ask your own questions, get your own insight and support underground music.

Official Site

As always all, please keep yourself safe in these trying times and take care of you and those around you.

Stay Withered,
Tom (Editor/Creator Of WHP)

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