Once in a life time you’re so lucky you get to know unique people and in this occasion I feel I got so lucky to meet and have a chat with a unique great artist! If you don’t know Josh Marberry this is about time for you to know him and listen to his project Dust Sculptures! DS is not a normal project, it’s a one man band in which Josh plays all of the instruments, takes care of mixing and mastering and on top of everything else, performs and films his own videos. He’s released two albums so far and for the first one, titled “Nostalgia”, he’s filmed videos for each single track in the album mixing the audio and video experiences in a unique way. The second and latest album released, titled “Far Above The Pines”, is one of those albums still available on the web only but I honestly would like to suggest it to all of you metalheads out there! The music direction taken with DS is a mix of Katatonia, Opeth and Cynic but the personality and great skills of Josh make it one in a thousand albums! It’s touching, it’s experimental, it’s progressive and much more. High level prog avantgardish black metal on its finest! Nothing to fear against other bands signed for some infamous labels out there!

You can find him and his band on bandcamp at http://dustsculptures.bandcamp.com, on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dust-Sculptures/142469385861372, on last.fm at www.last.fm/music/Dust+Sculptures and watch his videos on his YOUTUBE channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClB3boB6U-OMPAzLO8gaGjg.

This is something you cannot miss out! This is Josh Marberry, this is Dust Sculptures! Horns up, Rob & WHP