][ THE HAND OF GLORY ][ EPISODE 04 ][ 2015 ][


THE HAND OF GLORY is back with my side of the show and this time I really hope you’re going to enjoy!
I think one of the best things into work with WHP is to have the chance to meet some amazing people and artists out there. This has been for me one of those occasions when I felt like being blessed or cursed (depending on the point of view) by meeting the guys from DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT.
Had a great time with them in occasion of their last show in London a few months ago and we promised to each other to come up with a good show which could take the distance from what we already created with the podcast until that moment. Something which even not being an interview or a live recording could give an idea of who the guys in the bands are and what their music style is. So we thought about our showcase show!
As you maybe might now, we do twice a month a show named “The Hand Of Glory”. Through it we try to play some amazing musicand give some information about the bands we play. The idea was quite convincing and we decided to have a collaboration with DIS moving in that direction.
Why not to create something where the bands can play the music they like?
So there we are, a few months later playing for the very first time in the still short history of this podcast a similar show!
DIS, one of the most original bands in the scene, able to mix doom, sludge, black and death metal into a monstrous identity presents:

Endon – Parraricide Agent Service
Atriarch – Collapse
Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall
Thantifaxath– Gasping in Darkness
Baptists – Harm Induction
False Light – Lung
11 PARANOIAS – Surrealise
Earth – From The Zodiacal Light
Urfaust – Spiritus Nihilus
Swallowed – Reverence Through Darkness

Cheers DIS!!!
Doom on folks!
Rob & WHP