Third and last part for this “ON STAGE” show!
Obliteration from Norway! A destructive old school death metal band which released some of the most interesting album in the scene over the past 10 years! Taking inspiration from the end of ’80s and beginning of the ’90s and in spite of their young age, they’ve been able to kick asses all over the place sharing stage with some of the greatest underground bands from all around the world!
With “Black Death Horizon”, their last LP, the band’s sound slightly changed moving on to slower and doomed territories giving to the band a new almost “occult” artistic direction.
No need to talk a lot about them and the quality of their music! If you like death metal in the old way, they are a must!
We had a nice chat with them about their previous releases and future plans, including shows in Asia and other countries.
With the interview you can also find a few tracks recorded during their London show at The Unicorn in Camden!
Final part of this show in three episod which has seen also SHEOL and SLOW PLAGUE!
You can find Obliteration on Fb and bandcamp. Their releases on sale a bit everywhere!
BTW If you’re looking for their second full-lenght “Nekropsalms”, you can still find it on sale through Fysisk Format discounted right now of the 40%! Boom!!!
Stay withered folks!!!
See you soon with some amazing new shows!!!
Doom on!



There we are with the second of three episodes for this new ON STAGE show.
After SHEOL a few days ago we come back with SLOW PLAGUE.

This London based duo is one of the harshest projects around. Their drum/bass heaviness combined with the dual vocals approach creates a new level of filth. Thinking of them as a mix in between early Beherit and Sardonis, their music channels sludge, death and crust balancing head banging riffs and slower annihilating bits.
While the two men lineups are becoming quite normal in sludge ‘n doom, these guys are trying in my opinion to find the right equilibrium and they’re actually doing this in a successful way by trying mixing up different genres and finding their own direction. Keep an eye on them and enjoy this short interview and live recording.

You can find them on facebook and bandcamp.

See you soon with thw third part of this show and OBLITERATION!



New show online for Withered Hands Podcast ON STAGE! This time splitted in three episodes! First of the series is our interview and live recording with the UK based death mettallers SHEOL!
They’re a fresh band considering they released a six track EP and a 7″ so far! Yet they’re crashing heads all over the place and they’ve been able to engage the attentions of cult underground labels such as INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS and IRON BONEHEAD!
They’re old school inspired sound lately evolved in something darken and slightly heavier than it used to be on their first release. Doors are open for a killer release now!
While they’re focusing on creating the tracks for the next release, they’ve got enough time left to play around and share the stage with some of the most amazing bands around!
I really suggest you to check them out and listen to their live recording!
You can find them on Fb and bandcamp!

Stay withered!



We’re back now with the ON STAGE bit! This time we’ve got for you SONANCE!
This amazing band hailing from south of England is a must listen! Active already for a few years they’ve pressed an amazing album in 2012 titled “Like Ghosts” and came back last December 2014 with the even more incredible “Black Flowers” (both available on their bandcamp page for free).
Their sound, moving through sludge and post metal is able to shift in between moments of monolitic heaviness and quieter and melodic parts which can take the listener through sad and melancholic soundscapes.
With the new album getting pressed in April, I really think you should start following them. Here’s their Fb page!
We had a little chat with them about their new release and their future live activities and recorded their live performance.
Don’t miss out another incredible show of WITHERED HANDS PODCAST!
Stay withered,



A new episode for Withered Hands Podcast ON STAGE! This time we had the pleasure to live record OMMADON and to interview and live record 11 PARANOIAS. Everything happened the last Saturday, January 31st, 2015 for a show booked by COSMIC CARNAGE!
We already knew OMMADON and we introduced them last year during “Of Nightmares And Darkness” (of which soon or later we should get the last part out as we’re waiting for a band to contact us in order to book the last interview for it) during the show on which we had also Stephen O’Malley. It’s been a pleasure to meet them again and be there with them for a hell of a show!
Hope you’re goin to enjoy their live performance as much as I did and I really hope you’re goin to give them some support. I think their latest LP titled V should be still available either through Burning Word Records or Dry Cough Records (label which is pressing some amazing bands lately!). You can find them on Fb or on bandcamp through the following links below.

Fb [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ommadon/122816124443493]
Bandcamp [http://ommadon.bandcamp.com/]


 As I said during the little intro on this part of the show, I’ve been following 11 PARANOIAS not since that long ago. I’ve been a good supporter of RAMESSES over the past 12 years more or less and I had the pleasure to watch BONG playing live in London quite a few times before. When I got to see both of the bands combined together on stage I already knew something great was goin’ to happen.
After the first time I watched them live at The Underworld in Camden a few months ago I couldn’t avoid to take a note about them and write their name on my little black book! These guys are quite experimental compared to the bands they come from but I think that was probably the only way to go considering their background. Their psychedlic sound soaked in doom and late ’70s horror soundtracks is the answer to their experimentation. Catchy riffing mixed to more spaced bits, haunting vocals, heavy drumming and a massive dose of personality make of this band one of the greatest and most original bands in today’s scene. Moving far from sludgier territories they mix the best of both BONG and RAMESSES into an unpredictable beast, creating new “directions” through an over saturated underground scene.
They leave the listener almost addicted at the end of the show and I would have loved them to stop and start again straight from the beginning once again!
Supported by Ritual Records, their latest album “Stealing Fire From Heaven” is probably the best incarnation of the band so far and it’s goin to be soon available on vinyl for all of you addicted out there!
Check them out through the links below and enjoy their interview and show!!!

Bandcamp [https://11paranoias.bandcamp.com/]
Fb [https://www.facebook.com/11Paranoias]

Other special notes and links guys!
As I said during 11 Paranoias’ show you should really keep an eye on another band which played during the same show called DEAD WOMAN’S DITCH []!!! These guys are real great! Check them out!
Also here the link for RITUAL PRODUCTIONS’ official web page [http://www.ritualproductions.net/] and here’s DRY COUGH RECORDS’ [http://drycough.bandcamp.com/].
Also please keep an eye on COSMIC CARNAGE’ next shows [https://www.facebook.com/cosmiccarnagegigs]! These guys are booking some amazing bands and they’re really great people to have a chat with! Please show them some support!!!

I’ll see you real soon with another ON STAGE show folks!!!
Doom on!



Welcome back to WITHERED HANDS PODCAST!!!! How are you guys? Hope you had a great 2014 and you’re ready for an even better 2015!!! We started this year with 3 shows in less than 1 week time and as you can imagine we’ve got loads to come for you! Hope you’re enjoyining Tom’s interviews and you’ve already listened to the first episode of this year’s THE HAND OF GLORY!!! Of course I couldn’t wait any longer leaving Tom to post all of the new shows!!! and while we’re waiting to give you the second part of THE HAND OF GLORY hosted by me on February the 10th with an all-UK-trio opening the show, there we are with the very first ON STAGE show for this year!
This time for you a real great band from UK!!! They’re SLABDRAGGER and if you don’t know them yet, well…. I think you really should! They’re one of the top notch south of England sludge/stoner bands!
Active since 2008, they castigated the crowds with a first full length out in 2011 titled REGRESS and an amazing split the year after with MEADOWS! They’ve been playing supporting some of the greatest bands touring UK (I saw them the first time opening for SAINT VITUS!) and they’ve been playing some amazing festivals in the past reaching a good number of old and new fans! Almost 3 years after their last release, they’re ready to destroy you all with their stonerish sludgy beat! I’m sure you’re goin to love them!
BTW, they’re goin to play with WEEDEATER and BONGZILLA at this year’s TEMPLE FESTIVAL around the end of May!!!
Other shows have been booked for them this year and their new full lenght should be out quite soon!!!
Pointless saying their show and the whole event which has taken place at THE MACBETH Pub in Hoxton (London) has been killer! Amazing vibe, great crowd, loadsa people involved in bands, promotion etc and a real good performance for all of the bands! One of the first shows I’ve been attending in this 2015 which was the perfect example of how the scene is growing here and how people don’t really mind goin out on a cold Tuesday night to enjoy some good music!!!
Back onto SLABDRAGGER, we had a little chat about their past releases, their new album, their live activities and few more bits… and, of course, we couldn’t avoid recording their crushing live performance!!! I must add that if you really want to listen to some of their new tracks live, you shouldn’t really miss this out!!!
I’ve posted below the links for the band’s first and second release on bandcamp! Staying to what they told me, there should be some copies of the second EP (the split album) still available!!!
Doom on folks and keep your eyes pealed!!!
Stay withered,

2011 – “Regress” @ HOLY ROAR RECORDS http://www.holyroarrecords.com/products/523763-slabdragger-regress
SLABDRAGGER Bandcamp with their second release + more links  – http://slabdragger.bandcamp.com/



ORTEGA might not be the Rolling Stones nor the Beatles but sure indeed they kick asses! Top notch post doomy metal and more and more labels couldn’t explain in full what they play and what their style is! They’re one of those bands on which you might listen every now and then a little Neurosis or Cult Of Luna or ISIS inspired riffing or drumming or soundscaspe but at the same time they’re one of those bands which could easily be placed proudly among the big names of the genre! 3 releases out so far of which the latest 2 have been joined together on the split album with Of Spire and Thrones (take a note for this name too) and soon a new album will be out setting a new stage in ORTEGA’s sound evolution! We couldn’t miss out for their London’s show almost at the end of their UK tour and of course we interviewed them and recorded their live show!
Unfortunately during the interview we had some issues with a very special guest who couldn’t just listen or keep drinking his beer and we had to chop the interview half way and take back outside the venue! I was pretty much freezing to death as I’m not used to the cold temperature although I’ve been living in UK over the past 6 years but we got to know a few more infos about the band and its future plans and about the cult cassettes’ label Tartarus Records run by Ortega’s guitar player and vocalist Richard!
They’ve been great guys to have a chat with and the whole evening has been sensational with amazing bands performing live and supporting the guys from Netherland!!! We had Earthmass on stage and they’ve been quite a revelation to me! I’ve been checking them out on their bandcamp lately and still they didn’t convince me 100% but their performance was just great! People downstage felt probably the same as me and having a little chat around with some other guys we all agreed they’ve been really an interesting act to be discovered live! Second band on stage was Hung On Horns and these guys as much as Earthmass were fantastic! Great grove and great performance too! A great band I really would like to keep an eye on over during the year! Third band was UNDERSMILE and finally I got to listen to some tracks from their upcoming album! I really love this band and this little preview just made me even more excited about their new record which should be out real soon!!!
So… we hope you’re goin to enjoy this show and we hope you’re goin to check out also the other bands I’ve mentioned because they totally deserve some support!!!
Wish you a great 2015!
Stay withered!
Rob & WHP

ORTEGA ON BANDCAMP [http://ortegaband.bandcamp.com/]
ORTEGA ON FACEBOOK [https://www.facebook.com/ortegadoom]
ORTEGA ON TWITTER [https://twitter.com/ortega_band]
ORTEGA ON INSTAGRAM [http://instagram.com/ortegadoom]